Aliens 2 (1986)

Aliens 2 – Living in a state of suspended animation for the past fifty-seven years, the sole survivor of the bloody Nostromo massacre in Alien (1979), Lieutenant First Class Ellen Ripley, wakes up in a salvage ship on its way back to Earth. Now, faced with the consequences of her actions, disgraced Ripley reluctantly accepts to escort the junior executive, Carter Burke, along with a tough-as-nails squad of U.S. Colonial Marines to Hadley’s Hope, the terraforming and mining colony on LV-426, in exchange for her pilot’s licence. But, there, on the dark surface of the remote exoplanetary satellite, multitudes of predatory endoparasitoid creatures known as Xenomorphs, just like the aggressive Stage 3 drone that killed Ellen’s companions, prowl the area. This time, it’s war, and as the undaunted, acid-spewing space insects decimate the armed-to-the-teeth troops, once more, Ripley must take her life into her own hands. Can a woman alone put an end to the nightmare of the ferocious Aliens?

137 min
IMDb: 8.30
Country: United States, United Kingdom
Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
Release: 1986-07-18
Director: James Cameron
Production: Twentieth Century Fox, Pinewood Studios
Cast: Bill Paxton, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser, Jenette Goldstein, William Hope, Carrie Henn


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