Grace (2009)

Grace – Madeline Matheson has unsuccessfully been trying to get pregnant with her husband Michael. When she finally succeeds, she decides to be assisted by the midwife, Patricia Lang, despite the insistence of her snoopy mother-in-law Vivian who would rather be family obstetrician Dr. Richard Sohn. When Michael and Madeline have a car accident, Michael and the unborn baby die; however, Madeleine insists on carrying out the pregnancy. Patricia accepts her request to pretend stillbirth. However, the baby Grace is miraculously delivered.

85 min
IMDb: 5.20
Country: United States, Canada
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror
Release: 2009-01-16
Director: Paul Solet
Production: ArieScope Pictures, Dark Eye Entertainment, Leomax Entertainment
Cast: Adam Green, Serge Houde, Samantha Ferris, Jordan Ladd, Gabrielle Rose, Malcolm Stewart, Mark D Claxton, Stephen Park, Chris Cunningham, Troy Skog, Kate Herriot, Karen Von Staden, Jeff Stone, Jamie Stephenson, Tenai Cam Measmer, Annabel Kathlynn Bast, Evan Lanier, Shelly Gant


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