Hero (1992)

Hero 1992 – Bernie LaPlante is an amoral man and a hustler. He is facing criminal charges. His wife decides to limit his access to their son because he doesn’t keep his promises. While on his way to his son’s birthday, a plane crashes, and he is nearby. He goes on board to steal what he can but in the process saves some people, one of them being television reporter Gale Gayley. She doesn’t get a good look at him but someone gets a photo of him which isn’t clear. She then mounts a campaign to find him which includes a reward of a million dollars. Before hearing of this, Bernie tells his experience to John Bubber. He also says that he doesn’t want any recognition. Bernie’s trial is taking place and he, upon hearing of the million dollars, thinks that he hit the mother lode but before he can claim it, John does, and Bernie is sent to jail. John then grows close to Gale. Bernie, who stole her purse, sells what’s in it, and when word of this reaches her, she thinks he is holding this over John, and all sorts of chaos ensue.

119 min
IMDb: 6.50
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Release: 1992-10-02
Director: Stephen Frears
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis, Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack, Andy Garcia, Stephen Tobolowsky, Maury Chaykin, Richard Riehle, Daniel Baldwin, Don S Davis, Leslie Jordan, Harry Northup, Christian Clemenson, Kevin J OConnor, Warren Berlinger, Darrell Larson, Don Yesso, Herbert Siguenza, Lee Wilkof, Don Pugsley, James Madio, Eric Poppick, Richard Montoya, Cady Huffman, Susie Cusack, Steven Elkins, Raymond Fitzpatrick, Bobby C Collins, Ric Salinas, Jordan Bond


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