Hero (2002)

Hero 2002 – During the bloody Warring Kingdoms age, only the ruler of Qing stands a chance to unite China into a single peaceful empire. To survive, the six rivals send hired martial arts grandmasters to kill the Qin king. Nameless, a modest provincial mandarin, tells the king during a private audience, at an exceptionally close distance awarded only to who delivered him of such killers, how he eliminated first spear-wielding Sky in the duel, then the lovers Broken Sword and Flying Snow during the siege of their realm, Zhao. The king however responds he sees through an elaborate plot involving Nameless, only to be equally surprised himself.

120 min
IMDb: 7.90
Country: China, Hong Kong
Genre: Adventure, Action, History
Release: 2002
Director: Yimou Zhang
Cast: Tony Chiu Wai Leung, Maggie Cheung, Jet Li


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