The Fifth Element Full Movie Watch Online

The Fifth Element Full Movie Watch Online
HD 7.70 126 min
Country: France
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Romance, Action
Release: 1997-05-09
Director: Luc Besson
Cast: Gary Oldman, Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich
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The Fifth Element Full Movie Watch Online – There are cycles in the Universe when great evil threatens all life in the Universe. The Ultimate weapon against evil, devised long ago, is called “The Fifth Element”, stored on Earth for safekeeping. When a Professor discovered it in the 1910s, he found it very astonishing. However, a group of beings known as the Monascheiwans came to Earth to take the fifth element to utilize it for their own well-being, promising to return it in time for the next cycle. In the distant future of the 2200s, the Earth is a very different place, yet much the same. People smoke, break laws, make messes. In the megalopolis of New York City, a former elite commando named Korban Dallas is now a taxi driver. As the Monascheiwans were returning the Fifth Element to Earth to fend of the rising evil, they are destroyed by a ruthless race of beings known as Mangalores. Discovered in the remains of the Monascheiwans’ ship, is a remnant of the Fifth Element, from which they re-create “the perfect being”, The Fifth Element, named “Leeloo”, who drops in on Korban Dallas in his cab, literally. Dallas keeps her free from government control and brings her to a priest named Vito Cornillius, who, seeing the coming Evil in the prophecies, is attempting to find the Elemental Stones needed to power the Fifth Element. He is getting in the way of a ruthless businessman named Zorg, who is already operating under the sway of Evil.


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