The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book
106 min
IMDb – 7.40
Country: United States, United Kingdom
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Release: 2016-04-15
Director: Jon Favreau
Cast: Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Neel Sethi

The Jungle Book – Deep in the dense jungle, the wise black panther, Bagheera, takes pity on the abandoned infant, Mowgli, and entrusts the helpless little orphan to the wolves Akela, the Alpha male, and Raksha, the wary she-wolf. Born of man, yet raised by wolves, young Mowgli quickly learns the ways of the pack and how to avoid danger, always under Bagheera’s ever-watchful eye; however, during a “water truce”, the boy catches the attention of the carnivorous Bengal tiger, Shere Khan. But, who is the peculiar new member of the den, and the weirdest creature among all animals? As a result, the menacing beast swears that, by the first drop of rain, he will kill this boy, before he ever gets the chance to become a man and imperil the jungle. Now, for fear of this savage threat, Mowgli separates from his pack to seek refuge in the lush forest, only to find out that, in this vast green maze, exist not only friends but also foes. Poor Mowgli, without claws, hardly any fur, or sharp teeth, how will you manage to stay alive?


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