Zoom (2006)

Zoom 2006 – Former superhero Jack Shepard, also known as Captain Zoom, is called back to work to transform an unlikely group of ragtag kids into a new generation of superheroes. At a privacy academy, he trains Dylan, a 17-year-old boy who can turn invisible; Summer, a 16-year-old girl with telekinetic powers; Tucker, a 12-year-old boy with the power to enlarge any part of his body; and Cindy, a 6-year-old girl with super strength.

83 min
IMDb: 4.30
Country: United States
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Family
Release: 2006-08-11
Director: Peter Hewitt
Production: Revolution Studios, Team Todd, Boxing Cat Films
Cast: Tim Allen, Kate Mara, Kevin Zegers, Rip Torn, Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase, Spencer Breslin, Ridge Canipe, Thomas F Wilson, Michael Cassidy, Ashton Moio, Danny McCarthy, Cornelia Guest, Ryan Whitney Angel, Hunter Aarniokoski


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